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Creative Writing Classes

Creative Writing classes and salons for children and teens aged 10 to 18

Further information about our writing clases.

At Centauri Arts, we offer our writers a friendly workshop space where they can spend time on something they love to do, inspired by experienced instructors, and in the company of others who share their interests. Each week, we provide a range of creative prompts, encouraging participants to develop their talent, write in genres they love and explore styles they may not have encountered before. We fill our notebooks with writing pieces and ideas, which participants can later develop into something complete, if they wish. We discuss writing, share our work with one another for pleasure and feedback and we explore new techniques, applying them to the work we generate.

The Centauri Arts Academy is a creative learning space for youth who enjoy writing: it’s not school! We don’t force young writers to read their work out loud, nor do we collect work in and mark it. We don’t set homework (though there are always more writing prompts available for writers who want them, or pieces started in a workshop that can be expanded at home). We don’t teach grammar (though we will help with structure, if writers request it) and we don’t consider there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to put words on paper. We don’t focus our writers on getting published, though we will advise on the business of writing, if writers request it.

Our goal is to provide time, inspiration and a space to write, and to help our youth become better at what they love to do. We aim to offer our writers the opportunity to experiment with words, to create a community with others and to become more confident creators as they discover their own unique artistic voice.

Creative Writing Salon for Teens in Toronto

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